Burning Nest is an event inspired by Burning Man, its culture, community and principles. It is a non-profit organisation that runs solely on the energy and enthusiasm of its volunteers: everyone who attends is co-creating the space and experiences they wish to explore. No one gets in for free or gets paid for their contribution  – from carpenters, artists and musicians, right up to the organising crew and board members. The more you put in, the more you get back.

What happens at Nest?

If you bring it, it makes Nest! Our event is created by everyone who attends. Our week of fun is set in the grounds of a stately home in Exeter, with rolling hills, two lakes and acres of landscaped beauty. We have a Free Camping area for our Nestlings to sleep, congregate and chill out, and the main Zocalo path leads down to the Theme Camp area, where you can find every kind of activity under the sun. Stop by The Point, our main community hub, to take part in a workshop or gather for the traditional cabaret on Friday night!

What facilities are available?

One of our 11 Principles is Radical Self-Reliance. At Nest, this means bringing everything you’ll need to survive, in a field during the UK summer, for a week. This includes water – while we do have access to a drinking water tap, you might want to bring some purification tablets! We’ve got a full packing list available here. Read and enjoy!

Toilets are provided, both composting loos and an accessible option for Nestlings using wheelchairs. Welfare Enough provide medical and therapeutic help to any Nestlings who need it, alongside our very own paramedic. We also work with a handpicked security team, to ensure the safety of every single person at Burning Nest. If you have any specific accessibility questions, please contact community@burningnest.co.uk

Leave No Trace

We take our Leave No Trace policy very seriously at Nest. We need your help to keep up the great work!

Leave No Trace means nothing hits the ground. No litter, no cigarette butts, nothing. However, if you see something on the floor – PICK IT UP – even if it wasn’t you that dropped it. Minimise your packaging in advance, utilise the facilities and advice provided by the onsite Leave No Trace team, and plan to take your rubbish away with you when you leave. All participants are also required to put an hour of your time into site Strike and clear-up in addition to your own pack-up.

We leave our site exactly as we found it or better where possible – leaving no trace, and taking only memories.


Nest is an experiment in community and economy without money – none changes hands between community members, and there’s nowhere to spend it onsite. Spend this time without having to worry about your wallet (or phone, as there is no signal on site either). 

To follow from this, nor do we barter. Instead, Nestlings gift freely without any expectation of recompense. Bring extra supplies to help anyone who has forgotten something! Offer massages, body-painting, food treats, themed bling, or get more creative still! Gift your time and volunteer. Gifting is fully unconditional – it is not bartering!

Boundaries & Consent

Any expression or activity involving the participation of other individuals must be consensual. We have an important Code of Conduct, viewable here.

If you are concerned that a participant is behaving in a way that violates your boundaries or those of another participant, you can discuss this with a ranger or member of the Welfare team. As a community we take consent very seriously, and breaches will not be tolerated.

Consent includes the right to not appear in photos – not everyone wants to have every moment captured and immortalised on the internet! You must get explicit consent from all individuals before photographing or videoing them. You must also confirm their permission to use the photo/video publicly, whether it’s online, print or social media.

No photos or videos from Burning Nest may be used for commercial purposes.